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Selling your home is a combination of emotion and sometimes challenging financial decisions. Using a qualified local agent to sell your home is the first step towards obtaining the right balance. Your local Tucker Associates Real Estate Services’ agent can give you an accurate picture of the market, which will help you price your property realistically. Our passion is advising you on the best way to sell your home! We will develop a detailed marketing plan for your property.

Your selling agent must be someone with the knowledge and expertise to make the experience work for you. Tucker Associates have the momentum and the finesse to represent you.

Contact us today to learn what your property is worth.


Our agents are members of the National Association of Realtors. You are welcome to visit the Association’s official website for additional tips and calculators. Be Sure You’re Ready Looking Choose a Home, Make an Offer Inspection and Final Negotiation Closing and Possession Mortgage Calculator Click Here

Our Preferred Vendor List

This list of services is provided for your information only. No guarantees are made as to these services. You are encouraged to investigate each business thoroughly before making a decision. Rates and services are negotiated with each company. This agent and brokerage make no representation of the workmanship of these Professionals. These are professionals that we have personally used and trusted, however, we realize each person will have a unique experience.