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Paul Carozza Awarded Top Producer at Tucker Associates Real Estate Services

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For Immediate Release

January 23, 2017

Contact: Nicole Tucker

Tucker Associates Real Estate Services, Inc.

4185 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Suite 104

Danville, CA 94506



Paul Carozza

Awarded Top Producer at Tucker Associates Real Estate Services

Paul Carozza receives high praise and honors for his determination and service commitment to clients served in 2016. Nicole Tucker, Broker/Owner of Tucker Associates acknowledges Mr. Carozza for his excellent sales results at the Tucker Associates sales rally kick-off event held at Blackawk Country Club earlier this month. Paul was as the companies’ top selling agent in 2016.

Mr. Carozza aligned himself with Tucker Associates in 2015 as a brand new licensee. Having no prior real estate sales experience, he trained closely under the watchful eye of Nicole Tucker, Owner/Broker of Tucker Associates. Paul produced dramatic sales results his first year as a sale associate. Gaining traction for the business, he employed his innate ability to “listen” and serve all he encountered. “It is a rare occurrence when you introduce a ‘mature’ adult with lots of references and experience in to a new professional arena or field of expertise. Paul took to real estate like a duck to water. He never questioned, doubted or challenged the process. He sprung into it with both feet and has never looked back”, shares Nicole Tucker, Owner/Broker/ Mentor. “I am very proud of all he has achieved, a true team player!”

“Tucker Associates creates an environment that promotes a positive, fun team to be part of, as we all strive for perfection. I’m so happy and proud to be on this dynamic, professional team of hard working and dedicated individuals. I knew it would be a great fit from the beginning.” shares Paul.

Tucker Associates is a local, 100% women owned real estate sales organization located in Danville, CA. The company was founded in 2005. The Broker/Owner, Nicole Tucker has been a licensed selling Broker for 25 years. Nicole has mentored numerous agents, helping ignite their real estate careers. Tucker Associates welcomes the opportunity to mentor and train “right fit” licensees for success. The Tucker Associates mentor program has a few openings for 2017. If you truly feel it is an honor and a privilege to serve, contact us today for your confidential interview.

To contact Paul Carozza direct call 925-414-1111, email or visit www.TuckerRealEstateGroup.ocm . To reach Nicole Tucker, call 925-360-2125, email Nicole or visit